Rose Gold Ears and More, Oh Boy!

This is a delayed post, for I have been a bit busy with school! Last I went to Disneyland the latest hot item had just been released. Now I absolutely love rose gold. Ever since my teacher introduced it to me in high school (chemistry.) So once I seen that Disney released these beauties I knew they would sell like crazy. With a little pixie dust on my side I just happen to walk into World of Disney as they were restocking the ears. So of course, I got me a pair!


Also It was my first time going into the Cove Bar! Ever since I turned 21 I’ve been wanting to go there. It just never ended up happening. I got a secret menu drink the Ferris Wheel! Which was very good. I got a second drink but I honestly can’t tell you the name because all I told my server was “Bring me a drink that’s sweet and has a light!” I may have been a little tipsy after that first drink. But hey, I don’t drink that much!

Also at the Cove Bar they have Lobster Nachos. Now I don’t like fish. Clam chowder is probably the only thing I will ever eat that lives in the ocean. So we substituted steak! Still, very amazing and warning, the salsa and jalapenos are very hot. We had them put it on the side because my sister is still a munchkin.


After our tummies settled we headed to Ghirardelli for some ice cream. Next time, only one scoop! But nonetheless very delicious!


This is all for this post. Going back again very soon so don’t worry! I’ll have more food to write about!



Disney Food

Boy have I been busy these past few weeks. I had finals, started summer classes, sisters dance recital, and just recently returned from Disneyland.

Today’s topic shall be Disneyland foods. This time I actually tried a few secret items at the restaurants. First I’ll start off with this massive burrito.IMG_2788

This is a secret item at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (Disneyland) called the Zocalo Burrito. It was $14.99 but you can honestly share this between at least two people. It is that huge!! It basically like their regular burrito, but with all of the meats they have in it. It was so amazingly flavorful! Then we also got the cinnamon and limon chips because what’s Mexican food without chips??

Next secret menu item…IMG_2143

Ice Cream Nachos at The Golden Horseshoe (Disneyland). It was $5.99(?) I put a question mark because I actually don’t have the receipt for this one but i know it was around that price. This sweet treat has vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream on top of waffle chips and is topped with fudge, whip cream, and chocolate chips. So delicious and cooling to have with this hot weather!

That’s all of the secret menu items that I tried this trip, next time I’ll try more! The rest of these are going to be on the normal menu.


At Award Wieners (California) you will find a lot of yummy food but the thing I fall for is their french fries!! They are so delicious and a different shape than you see normally. They also are one of the few french fries I use ketchup with(not a big fan of ketchup). I tried the Uptown Chili Dog this time. It was pretty good, but my favorite so far is the Bacon Street Dog. That has bacon and what not. That little cup in the back is part of the Summer of Heroes menu, the Quiver of Funnel Cake Fries, very sweet and delicious! And yes, I ended up with a baby Groot cup!!


Down the way from Award Wieners is Schmoozies! Which is sometimes hard to get things from because a lot of times its closed. But actually this trip it was open basically all day! We got this massive donut(sorry, ate it before we could get a picture!) My mom and I got a coffee chocolate smoothie and my sister ended up with a strawberry banana smoothie. The drinks were around $5 each but were good size and weren’t watery, not to mention also delicious!


In celebration of the anniversary for Pirates of the Caribbean ride they made some golden foods! These are the beignets at Mint Julep Bar(Disneyland). Along with the churros, which can be found at the churro stand near Haunted Mansion, they are covered in a golden dust that is supposed to be lemon flavored. I say supposed to because honestly it makes them taste like Fruit Loops. They are a little messy though so get plenty of napkins!! My sister was completely covered in the golden dust after eating the first one!


At the Galactic Grill(Disneyland) We got this delicious Strawberry Lemonade drink that came with a glowing death star. I’m all for glow cubes, actually wanting to get more, so I was excited to be able to add this one to my collection! This drink was really refreshing, there was a apple one but I was unsure about that one, might end up trying it later on.


My trip would not be complete if I did not go to the Rose Tavern(Disneyland), Beauty and the Beast fan over here YAAS. My mom and I shared the Garden Mozzarella Flatbread and the Grey Stuff . Which is all so flavorful and filling. My mom wishes that is was all Grey Stuff though, it has red velvet cake in the middle. Told her we can make some at home!

Being a Beauty and the Beast fan, I have been waiting soooo long to get the rose cup. Every time I went they would be sold out and my heart was completely shattered. This time I accomplished getting the cup AND the tea!! A note for those trying to also get the cup. The restaurant will tell you they are sold out. Which is what they were announcing when I went to eat there. But if you go next to the restaurant there is a little shop. They actually had boxes of the cups, so if they tell you they are sold out, check out the store. They might end up having them!


This concludes this post, next week will be part two of the Disney posts! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions feel free to ask, bonjour!!

Shedding Means Hair EVERYWHERE

Like many of you, I love my fur baby. She’s my best friend and I would not change her for anything in the world. But as many pups do, she sheds. A LOT. Fur will end up on not only on the floor, but on my clothes and because it is as light as a feather it has ended up on my dresser.

So of course I thought, “I have to get the shedding to a minimum.” I know they will still shed but when it becomes excessive, you tend to get a bit frustrated.

At first I went to shampoos. Specifically two that I tried (First one did not do a thing) The one that helped was from Petsmart.


It leaves my puppy smelling so yummy and it does help with shedding. But She still was shedding(For a little dog she sheds so much!) So I was suggested getting a brush. I tried about 3 or four before I found my favorite.


It’s basically a cheaper version of the Furminator but it does work!! I found this one at Walmart.

As a result of being a bit busy sometimes, I would forget to brush her and that means that the excess fur would be stuck on her and end up all over my clothes still. So I decided to look into some vitamins for her. I tried 2 others before finding the one my pup loved, and that helped.

I tried fish oil, which she ate but it just seemed to be a waste of money because nothing happened. I tried little shedding tablets, which my pup highly disliked and again, no change in her shedding. Finally I found some vitamins that actually WORKED. Not to mention my pup absolutely loves them.


Because she is over the 20lb limit per chew I give her 1 1/2 daily and keep them in a daily medicine dispenser(Best way to remember for my forgetful self.) I found these on Chewy.

Remember these worked for my pup, if they do not work for your that’s okay. You’ll figure out what will end up working for your pup, all of them are unique and take things in differently!


This is my Prima, and I mean like prima ballerina, not cousin haha. She’s very loving and protective but she’s always been there for me, through the good times and bad.

Hostess Aprons

While my sister and I love cooking all of the time(she’s three so its extra adorable.) I would notice that we would both get so messy in the kitchen. I mean shes three, so its bound to happen right??

So I decided to make us both aprons to save us from the “Let’s cook! Oh snap we have to go somewhere and we’re a mess!” situations.(Happened on thanksgiving and Easter!)

I took my sister to Hobby Lobby(fabric was on sale YAAS) let her choose her own pattern, which was a princess theme, and I got mickey mouse(No surprise there!)

Now I am one who has terrible luck with sharp objects and have seen too many movies where the person using the sewing machine gets their finger bitten by the quick machines. So I hand sewed them both. Took me altogether maybe 8 hours to do them both?

I did not use the templates provided but I work at a coffee shop so I used my own apron for my measurements, and my sister goes to Home Depot once a month so she has her apron from there that I used.

Was it worth it? Yes it was!! They came out so darn cute and my sister loves cooking even more now that she has a apron! This DIY was a win!

If you want the instructions here is the Original Post