Hostess Aprons

While my sister and I love cooking all of the time(she’s three so its extra adorable.) I would notice that we would both get so messy in the kitchen. I mean shes three, so its bound to happen right??

So I decided to make us both aprons to save us from the “Let’s cook! Oh snap we have to go somewhere and we’re a mess!” situations.(Happened on thanksgiving and Easter!)

I took my sister to Hobby Lobby(fabric was on sale YAAS) let her choose her own pattern, which was a princess theme, and I got mickey mouse(No surprise there!)

Now I am one who has terrible luck with sharp objects and have seen too many movies where the person using the sewing machine gets their finger bitten by the quick machines. So I hand sewed them both. Took me altogether maybe 8 hours to do them both?

I did not use the templates provided but I work at a coffee shop so I used my own apron for my measurements, and my sister goes to Home Depot once a month so she has her apron from there that I used.

Was it worth it? Yes it was!! They came out so darn cute and my sister loves cooking even more now that she has a apron! This DIY was a win!

If you want the instructions here is theĀ Original Post