Shedding Means Hair EVERYWHERE

Like many of you, I love my fur baby. She’s my best friend and I would not change her for anything in the world. But as many pups do, she sheds. A LOT. Fur will end up on not only on the floor, but on my clothes and because it is as light as a feather it has ended up on my dresser.

So of course I thought, “I have to get the shedding to a minimum.” I know they will still shed but when it becomes excessive, you tend to get a bit frustrated.

At first I went to shampoos. Specifically two that I tried (First one did not do a thing) The one that helped was from Petsmart.


It leaves my puppy smelling so yummy and it does help with shedding. But She still was shedding(For a little dog she sheds so much!) So I was suggested getting a brush. I tried about 3 or four before I found my favorite.


It’s basically a cheaper version of the Furminator but it does work!! I found this one at Walmart.

As a result of being a bit busy sometimes, I would forget to brush her and that means that the excess fur would be stuck on her and end up all over my clothes still. So I decided to look into some vitamins for her. I tried 2 others before finding the one my pup loved, and that helped.

I tried fish oil, which she ate but it just seemed to be a waste of money because nothing happened. I tried little shedding tablets, which my pup highly disliked and again, no change in her shedding. Finally I found some vitamins that actually WORKED. Not to mention my pup absolutely loves them.


Because she is over the 20lb limit per chew I give her 1 1/2 daily and keep them in a daily medicine dispenser(Best way to remember for my forgetful self.) I found these on Chewy.

Remember these worked for my pup, if they do not work for your that’s okay. You’ll figure out what will end up working for your pup, all of them are unique and take things in differently!


This is my Prima, and I mean like prima ballerina, not cousin haha. She’s very loving and protective but she’s always been there for me, through the good times and bad.